Learn about our delicious CBD Gummies

Want to get your CBD throughout the day, but don’t want to carry around bottles or vaping gear? Our Miracle CBD Gummies are perfect for CBD fans on the go.

Enjoy the pocket-sized convenience and satisfy your sweet tooth while receiving a dose of CBD in each bite-sized candy. These little treats will soon become a staple of your diet.

Our surprisingly delicious treats are made with pure CBD isolate, leaving their heavenly flavors untainted. While it may look and taste like a regular piece of candy, the soothing effects are far from ordinary.

Three Levels of Chillaxation

Miracle CBD offers three different varieties of CBD gummies for a customized chillaxation experience.

Regular strength: We have your usual Miracle CBD Gummies for when you’re out and about and on the go. They’re easy to pack and fun to eat.

Medium strength: You’ll love our Relax CBD Gummies, with a dash of melatonin for when it’s time to get horizontal.

Maximum strength: Our maximum-strength Chill CBD Gummies are for those times when you want to kick back and chill to the max.
A rainbow of juicy flavors

All of our CBD gummies come in a wide variety of shapes and flavors. If you like your gummies sour try our gummy sour faces, sour snakes, or sour bears. There are also flavor variety packs such as ocean bites, rainbow bites, gummy rings, and mini fruit gummy slices.

OH! Almost forgot to mention our fantastic chocolate flavors, Choco Nuts and Choco Peanutbutter gummies! And of course, our most popular gummies are the tried and true, time-tested, fruit-flavored gummy bears.

My personal favorite, the watermelon gummies are out of this world. They taste like a summery afternoon. One bite and you’ll want to go sit out by the pool.